Hello mobile

The nice mobile communication, hello mobile provides the rational
communication service which can reduce up to 50% by saving 3 high-cost
structures such as distribution, administration, and advertisement costs.

Hello mobile
  • Phone Plan

    Hello mobile does not only provide
    the rational price, but also various
    phone plans such as nice payback
    plan and half price USIM plan for the
    user’s communication usage pattern.

  • Lightening Service

    It’s the special service which
    enables less than 1 day distribution,
    1 hour opening, and 1 hour counseling
    for USIM and phone. It is the
    direct mall service which allows
    you to experience Hello mobile
    faster and more conveniently.

  • 0 Won Rental

    No Contract! New Device,
    get Free! It’s the nice phone rental
    service by only Hello mobile,
    which allows you to only pay for
    the monthly charge without
    any contract or device cost.