LG Hellovision CSR

LG Hellovision make effort to support the underprivileged
and create a society that lives together through warm technology.
ICT Technology Makes a Warm World

We take the lead in improving the environment where people with deaf-blind who are alienated from broadcasting and communication services can watch TV more conveniently. By developing 'Ear Dream', a voice-assisted smart TV service for the visually-impaired for the first time in the industry, and introducing 'Smart Sign Language Broadcasting' for the hearing-impaired for the first time in the cable industry, we are taking the lead in improving the access rights of the deaf-blind and narrowing the media gap. In addition, we are developing and distributing services for the underprivileged by utilizing ICT technology as well as 'Hello Anbu Alimi', a set-top box-based security service that checks the safety of the senior citizen who lives alone.

ICT 기술을 활용해 소외계층 서비스 개발 및 보급사업활동
나눔 VOD 캠페인 활동
We support for dreams and hopes

We are carrying out projects to support the dreams and hopes of children and teenagers, especially for the future, so that there are no alienated neighbors in the community. We support science education for underprivileged children and provide media education for vulnerable children/adolescents. In addition, we continue to support learning for children with disabilities and families with disabilities and contribute to solving digital gap problems by operating ‘ Digital Haebom Class' such as smartphone education and kiosk education for senior citizens who are alienated from information and communication services.

아동, 청소년의 꿈과 희망을 응원하는 사업
디지털해봄교실 운영
We share love with employees and customers

In order to realize social value along with the local community, employees of LG Hellovision continue to carry out volunteer activities for the vulnerable and the local environment in conjunction with local welfare facilities. In addition, the company operates the voluntary donation program for executives and employees, and the donation is returned to the local community to practice their love for their neighbors.

크레파스 기부활동
마음나눔 운영
We take the lead in creating a safe area.

For safe areas, we produce local disaster prevention manuals, operate special news reporting systems, fund-raising broadcasts, and volunteer activities for executives and employees. It was delivered to the local residents in real-time through the emergency compilation of news reports related to the 2016 Gyeongju earthquake, 2017 Gangneung wildfire, and the Pohang earthquake, and live broadcasting of social media (Facebook) of each local broadcasting station. In particular, in the event of a forest fire in Gangwon-do in 2019, we have received the Prime Minister's Award for his quickest news report and continuous volunteer work.

뉴스 특보 시스템 및 모금방송
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