Hello Rental

Service to purchase the latest TV, PC, and household appliances with monthly contract.
Meet the rental product with 3 years A/S guarantee applied from the necessities to
the premium household appliances.

Hello Rental
  • TV

    Latest high-quality TV rental service
    for ultra definition UHD broadcasting
    era Use various brands and products
    which are reflected of each customer
    need with the benefits of Hello Rental.

  • Laptop, PC

    Service that allows you to purchase
    the latest laptops by APPLE, Samsung,
    or LG (Guarantees 3 years of A/S)
    Hello Rental opened the individual
    laptop rental era. With it, you may
    buy the cost-effective popular laptop
    and premium laptop which shows
    your own characteristic without
    worrying about the first cost rationally.

  • Household appliances

    Care solution appliances rental service
    for the customers’ healthy lives
    The experts will consult about the house
    environment which may have air cleaner,
    water purifier, and massage chair and
    necessary appliances for the family health.

  • Trend appliances

    Latest trend appliances rental service
    such as Dyson and Retro Appliances
    The specialized MD of each filed will
    recommend domestic/foreign latest
    trend appliances to customers and help
    them to use rational method.