Hello Everywhere!

To make you meet all moments of life in
everywhere upon integrated network world

We, LG HelloVision, are coming closer to you further as to be a partner promoting a rich life beyond pleasure and relations.

We have been established “Criteria” of the cable network world from a broadcasting of analogue
and digital to ultra-high definition image at its peak of the dynamic industry, even if, there have always
been rough winds of rapid change in the media industry.

We, however, have always been in the forefront of the industry as leading evolutions
which cover from ‘UHD broadcasting’ that achieved a commercialization in the world first and
‘GIGA Internet and Cloud broadcasting’ that were launched in Korea first as well, down to ‘Hello mobile’ that
drove a new innovation into the mobile network market and ‘Viewing’ that is the next generation TV service (OTT).

LG HelloVision could be able to be with you wherever and whenever by broadcasting and communication services as close as.
What we have been connected each other is surely amazing. From advanced new technology to old TV which is into
a tiny grocery store between an alley, we can be sharing the culture and values from it.

Now, LG HelloVision plans to go forward to grow as the company leading a culture of home-life beyond
the cable and mobile network business based on the fundamental of technology which can drive 4th industrial revolution.
Because what we conquer the peak of change, and challenges to the coming new world is what
we’ve done until now as well as what we can do well in the future.

We promise that will be the closest company with you guys to be able to meet customers who need us,
CJ hello, at any places in towns, cities where you are living, and home, either.

LG HelloVision will try to be the promising company which focuses on the future’s
accomplishments rather than achievements before.
Thank you.

CEO Dong-Sik Byun Sign